Amateur Mobile Photography Of Art @Kampong Glam #29

This is the last photograph for my Amateur Mobile Photography Of Art @ Kampong Glam. I would be posting my usual nail art tomorrow. The above shows another grand ship of the past. As mentioned in one of the posts, trading was an important economical support for Singapore in the past with various countries here […]

Amateur Mobile Photography Of Art @Kampong Glam #28

In Singapore, some Malay children do attend and learn the ancient Malay martial art. Singapore is a country that encourages diversity and harmony. It also provides mutual understanding of different races as well as appreciating our individual culture. It is a miracle for a country without natural resources with different races to become a modern […]

Amateur Mobile Photography Of Art @Kampong Glam #26

Do you think the artist is trying to illustrate certain meaning with a turtle and an eagle? The turtle is slow while the eagle flies freely in the sky. Both animals see the world in different lens and they would have their own perceptions of life. We may see things from different angles from the […]

Amateur Mobile Photography Of Art @Kampong Glam #25

A teapot can tell the status of the owner. When I attended Malay wedding in the past, there were beautiful teapots to serve the guests. With modernisation, many have chosen to use drink dispensers rather than the traditional teapots for efficiency. Many would cater food for their wedding rather than getting their family members to […]

Amateur Mobile Photography Of Art @Kampong Glam #24

In the old days, Singapore used to be the centre of trade where different countries would gather here. Without much natural resources, trading was one of the main activities for Singapore in the olden days. The early years of Singapore would not have been the same without the labourers from different countries to support the […]

Amateur Mobile Photography Of Art @Kampong Glam #22

In the olden days, many were fishermen. Life of a fisherman can be hard especially during bad weather. Regardless of the past challenges, the Malay community in Singapore has come so far and they are still united as a race while living in harmony with other races. The photograph was taken by @nailyourhome at Kampong […]