Reflection through nail design 477

Looking at each shape of these nails. They were carefully shaped with uniformity in mind. A manicurist would need to ensure smooth corners during shaping. Sharp corners of nails can cause harm to others or ourselves when we accidentally scratch others. In life, our critical words are like a sharp sword that pierces the heart […]

Reflection through nail design 473

The memorial moment of a wedding ceremony. It is school holiday. There are teachers who would choose to get married during this period. The happy moment when two becomes one when they are married. Partnership to travel life together in a pair. Life is not always smooth sailing but supportive partners would enable us to […]

Reflection through nail design 471

Dark glossy background with some accessories for this set of nail design. Different sizes of accessories were placed near the top for this nail art sample. In an organisation, we often need to put different types of people to head the department as well as forming teams. When different people come together, each can see […]

Reflection through nail design 470

We can say we love someone but actions speak louder than words. There are many people who would use the word ‘Love’ without commitment. Love is selfless and it is unconditional. When we love someone, we should do things without expecting return but their happiness is our greatest reward. The above nail design is done […]