Amateur Mobile Photography Of Art @Kampong Glam #21

A creative eye ball with lots of colours. With our eyes, we see different walks of life and we see happiness and hardship. Our eyes give us visual information about the world and how it looks like. The images from our eyes are transmitted to our brains to evaluate based on our individual perceptions of […]

Amateur Mobile Photography Of Art @Kampong Glam #20

A traditional game in Singapore where children would play with glass marbles. It requires one to aim and hit onto other marbles. The need to be skillful to win the game even in life. Without the right aiming, we may miss the target and leave the game totally. The photograph was taken by @nailyourhome at […]

Amateur Mobile Photography Of Art @Kampong Glam #19

A colourful bird painted using different patterns. Many of us often feel like birds in a cage where we are sick and tired of what we are currently doing. We hope to fly somewhere to have a change. Life without colour when everything is predictable. We may want a colourful life but it would definitely […]

Amateur Mobile Photography Of Art @Kampong Glam #15

The expression of the words written about Art can really make us ponder and get inspired. The art that comforts the disturbed souls while getting the undisturbed ones to think about their own actions of the past. Art can teach without the need to scold for adult learners. It can bring one into deep thoughts […]

Amateur Mobile Photography Of Art @Kampong Glam #14

This peacock is indeed a fine art with great details. The expression of the grand feature of this bird on the wall is quite impressive. Peacock can symbolise dignity and beauty in ancient days. I remember seeing the use of peacock feathers during Malay wedding. There were quite a number of tourists also took photographs […]

Amateur Mobile Photography Of Art @Kampong Glam #13

This is an interesting art piece. It was located just beside a cafe. We can clearly see an elephant with a bird. The bright colours and the modernisation of ancient animals that have many important meanings. Customers can indeed have a few drinks and take their time to appreciate this art piece. The photograph was […]