Reflection through nail design 444

Blue and Red for each set of nails. Both sets of nails have similar patterns but with different base colours. The choice of colours really depend on the significance or preference of individual. Colours can speak loudly than words when colours in different cultures represent different meanings. For Chinese, red is supposed to bring good […]

Reflection through nail design 440

Putting things together just like both thumbs together. Two thumbs with different designs but put together side by side. Our partnership with others may not always need to have the same capacity. Different talents and capability can make a great partnership. Just like husband and wife often have opposite characteristics in certain areas but they […]

Reflection through nail design 439

Such long fingers with long nails. Regardless of the condition of hands, each lady wants to look good. Getting a good set of manicure like the above can bring simple happiness to ladies. Looking good and feeling good can brighten each day with a smile. Priceless! The above nail design is done by @nailyourhome located […]

Reflection through nail design 438

This set of nail design may look childish. Life is boring when we are always serious with everything. Children can often be happy over small things. We can add back some childishness in us to have some childlike happiness over small things. The above nail design is done by @nailyourhome located in Singapore. Disclaimer: I […]